Digital certificates, vinCAsignCertification authority for issuing digital certificates

Qualified Digital Certificates for Your Organization

Save Time and Costs by Issuing Your Own Certificates

Get Legally-Compliant Digital Certificates for Your Transactions

Digital Identities for Users and Electronic Devices for a Higher Degree of Security

Trust Enhanced Through Qualified Certificates

Create your own qualified certificates and seals, with the highest degree of safety and legal recognition through Víntegris’ PKI platform and Certification Authority (CA), vinCAsign, developed in accordance with eIDAS Regulation.

Reduced Costs with Your Own Digital Certificates

By issuing their certificates and handling them through nebulaCERT, organizations can reduce costs significantly. Besides, the certificate management process is automated for greater convenience.

Faster Sales with Your Own Registration Authority

With nebulaSUITE, organizations can become a Registration Authority (RA), to issue, control, manage, and revoke their own certificates for their employees, providers and clients. This allows them to sell their products online with all legal guarantees and close sales faster than before with total autonomy.


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