Do you know how many digital certificates your organisation has?

Who uses them, how, and what for? When do they expire?



Guarantee the identity of the people and devices that interact in your system, the use they make of your certificates and the availability of operations.

Discover, control, manage, audit and renew your organisation’s certificates

Reduce the risk of identity theft, fraudulent use and unexpected expiry of your digital certificates, in your network and cloud services, by a platform that provides absolute control of all operations.

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Management from the server allows users to work with the certificates as if they were installed on their own workstations, so they don’t need to alter their work habits.

Control your digital certificates from start to end

Ensure that all operations with certificates are performed within the permitted parameters and only by the authorised user, in the authorised setting and for the proposed purposes.

Apply previous controls by use purpose warnings or requests of reference.

Monitor all operations in real time.

Prevent your certificates from expiring due to lack of renewal.

The certificates are not installed on workstations.

They are encrypted on a server or an HSM, so they are totally protected.


Establish strict policies of use for your certificates

Authorisation to use the certificate according to the user/directory group, time and date, IP origin, the programme requesting access and the access URL.

Web browsing Whitelists for URLs.

Able to warn of the purpose for which the certificate will be used in the signature processing.

Can request a reference in the signature processing.


Easily discover the certificates housed in your network

Save time and resources in manual monitoring: nebulaCERT Discover inventories certificates installed locally on workstations and servers.


Monitor all operations in real time

The audit functionality provides you with information about the use of your organisation’s certificates in real time: which certificates have been used, who used them, when and for what they were used.


Eliminate the risk of certificate expiry

nebulaCERT guarantees control of your certificates’ life cycle by the renewal notification functionality.


From leading companies in banking, insurance and distribution already enjoy the advantages of our comprehensive management system.