Security comes bundled with nebulaSUITE


Our Nebula technologies suite ensures information authenticity, privacy and integrity on the Internet of Everything. It provides a comprehensive solution to the new security needs on the Internet of Things, including issuing digital certificates, controlling their use in the cloud, signing documents from anywhere and protecting the entire system with two-factor authentication.


nebulaSUITE® is a technology suite that provides a global solution to authentication, privacy and integrity requirements in both the Internet of People (IoP) and the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • It guarantees the identity of the people and devices that interact in the system.

  • It ensures that operations are performed within permitted parameters and only by an authorised user, in an authorised setting and for the proposed purposes.

  • It guarantees the availability of operations at the right time from anywhere.

With nebulaSUITE, you can:

Issue your own digital certificates via our PKI and control their use from the comprehensive certificate management platform in the cloud.

Use digital certificates at any time from anywhere, from your workstation or on the move.

Have a platform for signing documents via digital certificate for your organisation and via digital certificate and/or handwritten signature with biometric control for your employees or clients.

Protect all the solution’s operatives with our adaptative multifactor dynamic authentication technology (Adaptative MFA).